Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Pratt-Pullman Yard

Pratt-Pullman Yard was built in 1904 by Pratt Engineering, a parts manufacturer. In 1917 the plant made munitions to be used by the soldiers in WWI. 

In the mid 20's the site was bought by the Pullman Rail Company and was converted for use as a rail yard. In the late 20's Pullman Yard began hiring black workers in the then segregated south, and quickly became one of the largest employers of African-Americans in the entire United States. 

Pullman lost an anti-trust case in the late 1940's forcing them to scale back operations and sell the property to the State. The Georgia Building Authority used the site in the mid 90's for the short lived New Georgia Railroad, a rail line that took passengers on a scenic rail ride back and forth to Stone Mountain. 

It has been empty ever since.

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